Wild Carps

For many years the fishing opportunities on Spanish waters have remained anonymous to the rest of Europe , carpfishing progression in Spain has recently discovered real treasures to explore, discover and exploit. Little paradises as reservoirs, rivers and big lakes full of wild fish that have never felt the sting of a hook in its mouth ...

From Spanish Gold Fishing we offer to our custumers over 20 years of experience fishing in spanish waters, with some of the best places for carp fishing virtually unknown and just unpressure. A pleasant climate with an abundance of food unparalleled originated in Spanish rivers and reservoirs, one of the healthiest populations and abundant wild carp in Europe.

Our fishing method

Only our fishing experience in these waters for many years, has led us to determine the best locations to practice carpfishing, same places we usually fish! We must bear in mind that such an abundant of wild carp in Spain represents a real handicap to select a record fish ... in the waters we offer to our customers , there are real monsters with weights over 70 lb and fish around 35, 40 and even 50 lb are habitual catches.

We offer fishing sessions (according to scenarios) where our customers can enjoy many catches with a real chance of big fish. Fishing is done with 2 rods per angler, in areas selected under our guides critera and meticulously prepared and baited with enough days in advance so that when you start fishing, the fish are willing to take your baits !!! The fishing areas are baited with a selection of perfectly cooked seeds, pellets of different dissolution times and boilies of the highest quality (Vital Baits & Big Carp), creating a really attractive fishing area. More replenishing amount of bait in the water will be held at the discretion of our guides to be determined depending of fish activity and number of runs. It may be the case of use other strategies such as spot fishing, long distance, etc., always with the aim of achieving the best results is necessary ...

Always improving

We are constantly researching, testing and developing new fishing locations, baits and tactics. Our goal is to offer the best product to our customers and make your holiday with Spanish Gold Fishing truly unforgettable. Our best business card is a satisfied customer!

Pricing and details

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