Spain is a privilage country for Siluro (catfish) fishing in Europe. Today the River Ebro waters are the number one destination for this specie, where some of the biggest ones can be fished. From his introduction on 1974 thanks to food quantity, waters temperature and climate has created an elements combination that has make them grown to unknown limits than any other place.

Our 20 years experience on this waters have helped us to find the best tactics and potencial spots that will send you to have contact with anglers dreams, catch a fish over 100 lb.

We offer to our customers an experience that they will never forget for a long time, the angler will only to be worried to enjoy, fish and photo smile!!!

Our quality services are continuosly checked by our guides, who by their professionalism will be always attention of our clients comodity and fish.

Fishing metod

Fishing on River Ebro waters is from 6.00 am. to 12.00 pm. by fishing legislation, night fishing sessions can be practice in some areas (consult). Two rods per angler are allowed, Spanish Gold Fishing guides use the most quality baits and tackle. Quantity of baits are considered by them depending of activity and number of runs.

Todays best tactic results is static bottom fishing from the margins using pellets on hookbait. A pleasant and exciting fishing that let the angler enjoy a relaxing holidays, delaiting wonderful spanish food and beautiful sunny summer climate.

Best dates for catfish fishing goes from June to September.

Big fish fishing combined

We know about big carp and catfish cohabit on same areas in Ebro waters and by those anglers who would like to fish both species we offer the posibility to combine it (carpfishing & catfishing) at the same time.

We recommend sunny hours for carp (6.00 am to 7.00 pm) and reserve the night for cats (7.00 pm to 12.00 pm) with no doubt the best time for it because like we say "Ebro vampires comes at night".

Always improving

Like all our products , Spanish Gold Fishing puts all the means at your disposal to make your giant fish dreams come true ... For this, the perfect knowledge of the species, the environment in which lives and areas where fishing is conducted our paramount for us
Are you ready for the fight of your life ...?

Pricing and details

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