Spain is a country full of contrasts ... From towering mountain ranges, to endless plains and plateaus dotted with a combination of vegetation, influenced by a diverse mix of climates that provides its Atlantic influence, the Mediterranean Sea and generous warm and sunny weather.

With one of the most impressive European geographies, Spain has an important river network that it's shared by different coasts like Atlantic, Cantabrian or Mediterranean. Along the paths of the different Spanish rivers (Tajo, Guadiana, Duero, Ebro ... .few of them), we find a vast network of reservoirs scattered throughout the Spanish territory. Up to 1,226 dams of all sizes and capabilities imaginable ... a real paradise to be discover ! In Spanish Gold Fishing we make attainable to anglers.

Our purpose from Spanish Gold Fishing is to offer our customers some of the best fishing destinations for species such as carp, barbel and catfish. Destinations which can only be determined only thanks to a the knowledge acquired during so many years fishing by different regions, rivers and reservoirs in the Spanish territory.

Some of our destinations

""SEA OF DREAMS" Best dates: October to June Is a network of interior seas located in a setting of incomparable beauty as La Alcarria, located in the province of Castilla La Mancha in the center of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) only 1 hour drive from Madrid Airport ... A perfect setting where is not unusual to have 10 runs on a day session and the abundance of wild carp and barbel will make you spend unforgettable days. Usual catches : Carp +30lb / Common & Comizo Barbel +12lb

"BARBELMANIA" Best dates: October to February This is a real wild adventure in search of Barbels over 20lb. Termopylae Lake is our most difficult but wildest location, a lake between canyons only accesible by boat. Is only 1 hour by car from Madrid Airport. The perfect setting to feel the wild nature. Usual catches: Carp +50lb / Common & Comizo Barbel +30lb

"COMIZO PARADISE" Best dates: October to April. This location is the real Comizo Barbel paradise with fish media of 20lb and some +30lb real monsters. The lake is located in south spain at 2,30 hours by car from Madrid. Usual catches: Comizo Barbel +20lb + Comizo Monsters +30lb

"ORELLANA LAKE" Lake Orellana is Spain and one of Europe’s premier specimen Carp fishing venues with over 5.000 hectares. Orellana is located at South West and 3 hours by carp from Madrid. Usual catches: Carp +40lb / Carp +70lb

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