Barbel Experience

Spain is widely recognized as one of the world's best destinations for barbel fishing due to the diversity, quality and quantity of specimens.

The mountainous natural barrier of the Pyrenees, which over millions of years has kept the river basins of the Iberian peninsula separated from the rest of Europe, allowed the development of 8 different species and sub- species of endemic barbell only found in Spain. This allows for a diversity within our rivers and reservoirs which cannot be rivalled anywhere else in the world.

The main attraction for anglers are the Common Iberian barbel (Bocagei) and the world famous Comizo barbel (Comiza) that can reach weights between 30lb and 35 lb. Other species also grow to considerable weights, including the Shorthead barbel (Microcephalus), Gypsy barbel (Scalteri) and Mediterranean barbel (Guiraonis) which have been recorded at weights of 20 to 25lb. Graells barbel can reach sizes of 12 to 15 lb...

Due to the diversity and abundance of barbel in Spanish waters, hybridization also occurs between species (especially the Bocagei and Comiza). This has resulted in even bigger specimens being recorded. In fact one found dead several years ago put the needle on the scale at 47.2 pounds ... an incredible monster !!!

Fishing method

Because barbel live alongside carp in the Spanish rivers and reservoirs sharing the same feeding habits and locations, this can make it a challenge to target them individually.

Spanish Gold Fishing offers their customers the option to fish for both species at the same time which is a great amount of fun and variety as you never know what will pick up your bait next!

However you can trust Spanish Gold Fishings experience to maximize your chances. We are so confident of our fishing locations, we ensure the barbel captures over 10 lb with the constant possibility of catching the giant barbell fish of a lifetime!

Can you afford to miss this amazing opportunity?

Best time to visit: The best barbell fishing is the months of October to April, although they can be caught all year round.

Variety is fun

Although the distribution of the different barbel species in the Spanish territory is very localized depending of which species we pursue, the fishing locations we offer to our customers are abundant in Barbus Bocagei and Barbus Comiza, the bigger ones.

The dream of big Spanish barbel finally at your fingertips...

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